Why Sell

Fluctuations in energy prices and unknowns concerning future drilling are two reasons now may be a good time to sell your mineral rights. Other advantages of selling your mineral rights include:

  • Cash flow needs due to unforeseen circumstances. You can have an immediate, lump sum payment today instead of several smaller payments spread out over many years.
  • Taking advantage of a low, “long-term capital gains” tax rate. If you choose not to sell, a royalty check from a producing well would be considered ordinary income and may be taxed at a higher rate.
  • Your assets can be converted from a depleting natural resource to a non-depleting, appreciating investment.
  • Paying off debt, such as high-interest credit card balances, medical bills, a mortgage or a car loan.
  • Applying the lump sum toward important family priorities such as college expenses, a home improvement project, a dream wedding or a family vacation.

Whatever the reason may be, Buckhorn Resources can accommodate your needs immediately. You can either request an offer online or call us directly at (800) 825-0380