• How long will it take to sell my mineral rights and receive my lump-sum payment?

    Our acquisition specialists are standing by now to begin an assessment of your mineral rights. Once we hear from you, our goal is to extend you an offer within 24 hours. Upon acceptance of our offer, we will complete our pre-closing due diligence and will issue payment upon verification of title, being no more than 30 days.

  • How does Buckhorn Resources determine an offer amount?

    We perform an in depth assessment of each mineral interest in order to extend the highest offer possible. This assessment involves reviewing the production history of each well and forecasting future production using petroleum engineering best practices. We combine these forecasted production volumes with aggressive market expectations for future oil and gas prices in projecting royalty payments over the remaining productive life of a well. The end result of this process is a professionally-engineered, fair-market valuation that in most cases would cost the individual mineral owner thousands of dollars to have done by a third-party engineering firm.

  • Do I have to sell all of my mineral rights?

    No, you can sell as much or as little as you choose.

  • What documentation is required if I decide to sell my mineral rights?

    For producing mineral interests we will require a copy of your most recent check stub. For leased, non-producing mineral interests we will need a copy of the lease to confirm your royalty percentage and lease terms.